"Methods to isolate stem cells and

their progeny in a label-free manner

are virtually non-existent currently..."  


                  -Todd McDevitt Ph.D, Gladstone Institutes


The disposable MicroCassette can be used for:


1. positive selection or negative selection of cells

2. purification of iPSCs from heterogeneous reprogramming        cultures and from differentiated progeny

3. collection of single cells or intact colonies

4. serial isolation of multiple cell types from a single sample

  • Sensitive & specific


  • Rapid & reproducible


  • Label-free isolation


  • Easy to visualize cells


  • Cost effective




















<10 mins​







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The CellectCell MicroCassette offers a rapid, reproducible means to purify and isolate specific cell types.  With no need for expensive instrumentation, this affordable solution improves the ease and precision with which specific cell types can be isolated for stem cell research.