Rapid, Reproducible & Efficient Cell Selection




Adhesive Signature of Cells:


Stem cells are naturally adherent.  Characterization and quantification of cell adhesion strength shows that specific cell types have distinct adhesive signatures, and the adhesive signature of a particular cell type is contstant over a wide range of experimental conditions. The adhesive signature of a cell is based on multiple factors including integrin receptor expression levels (i.e. α5β1, α6β1) and assemblies of focal adhesion proteins (e.g. vinculin, talin). Because adhesive properties are defined by the sum of multivalent interactions, they cannot be identified simply via expression of a single integrin or other cell adhesion receptors. However, these unique inherent adhesive signatures can be exploited to selectively isolate cells. To read more about adhesive signature properties of cells, click here.



CellectCell Technology:


CellectCell relies on the natural adherent properties of cells together with controlled fluid flow to selectively isolate specific cells of interest.  Testing of the CellectCell technology has shown that cell purification and isolation  can be accomplished with >95% sensitivity and specificity. Isolated cells retain the normal epigenetic, gene expression, and protein expression profiles as the original target cells.


The CellectCell technology offers a dynamic range of isolation posibilities. Positive and negative selection can be performed serially, multiple times. Cell colonies from within a single culture can be isolated in parallel. Both single cells and intact colonies can be isolated with a cell survival rate >90%. 

Here's how it works: A heterogeneous cell population is seeded in the micro-fluidic channel within the sterile, disposable MicroCassette and allowed to adhere. Based on the unique adhesive signature of the specific cell type to be isolated, CellectCell provides a corresponding flow rate setting for a standard syringe pump. Laminar fluid flow through the proprietary geometry of the micro-fluidic channel drives selective isolation of a highly pure cell population. 

Because >95% of the cells of interest are collected in 5-10 minutes, CellectCell is rapid, reproducible and highly efficient. The CellectCell disposable MicroCassette is designed specifically to fit a standard inverted microscope stage, allowing for direct visualization of the cell detachment process.  Once collected at the outlet of the device, isolated cells are plated on standard culture dishes or processed for analysis. 















Value and Versatility for Cellular Research:


The CellectCell technology is highly versatile, and has been used successfully to isolate many adherent cell types including:

  • Mesenchymal stem cells

  • Endothelial cells

  • Cardiomyocytes

  • Neurons

Additionally, studies have shown that the CellectCell technology is not dependent on the ECM coating, cell line, starting purity, number of passages or colony size.

  • Neuroprogenitor cells

  • Fibroblasts

  • Peripheral blood monocytes

  • Tumor initiating cells